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NullEnigma's Journal

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26th September 2006

10:46am: gpknow.com is back online after almost losing the domain name thanks to my bank changing my card from Visa to Mastercard.

21st July 2006

7:46pm: it's like the old one, except this one is JDM (literally)

16th July 2006

9:12am: Remember a month ago I said I'd update my site? Well I actually did it now. :B
Current Mood: mischievous

12th June 2006

6:56pm: I'll be updating my site finally soon. I'm considering removing some of my oldest and crappiest art. Do you think its a better idea to leave it up for 'historical' or comparative purposes?
Current Mood: contemplative

5th June 2006

11:27pm: Snakes on a Plane.


Subject: Re[1]:
From: "Snell Irvin"
Date: Fri, 17 Mar 2006 00:35:15 +0000
To: "Snider Irving"

and were instantly smashed underfoot. Ivan let out a dreadful war-whoop audible, to everybody's embarrassment, as far as the boulevard, and began to defend himself. There came a tinkle of breaking crockery, women screamed. While the waiters tied up the poet with dish-cloths, a conversation was in progress in the cloakroom between the porter and the captain of the brig. 'Didn't you see that he was wearing underpants? ' asked the pirate coldly. 'But Archibald Archibaldovich--I'm a coward,' replied the porter, ' how could I stop him from coming in? He's a member!' 'Didn't you see that he was wearing underpants? ' repeated the pirate. 'Please, Archibald Archibaldovich,--' said the porter, turning purple, ' what could I do? I know there are ladies on the ver-andah, but...' 'The ladies don't matter. They don't mind,' replied the pirate, roasting the porter with his glare. ' But the police mind! There's only one way a man can walk round Moscow in his underwear--when he's being escorted by the police on the way to a police station! And you, if you call yourself a porter, ought to know that if you see a man in that state it's your khflftgk f gg pfm fh f ffg f qgs ifg lfhg n gpgpfgk ogqglgm sdjksdfsdfsdlgkj sdflkjsdf lksdjfsdfsdf
Current Mood: Archibald Archibaldovich!

31st May 2006

10:06am: http://bands.rock-im-park.de/

Linked to by Xenox.

I can't believe how much awesome is in that list... I.... weep.

Fuck you Germany.
Current Mood: sad

27th May 2006

1:45pm: ZOMG CYD

http://www.crushyiffdestroy.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2030& Why didn't anyone tell me I made it on here? This is FUCKING AWESOME. They're the first people with the balls to criticize me too, shame on you all :)
11:10am: Uncanny Valley
The uncanny valley principle Wikipedia
Translated version of the original article

Forgive me if you've heard of this before, but I thought it clearly expresses the problems and emotions I've felt while looking at the following...

  • Clowns
  • Pictures Rendered in Poser
  • Wooden Ventriloquist Dummies
  • More Clowns
  • Quite a few pictures I've drawn personally
  • Fursuits
  • The avatars in Guitar Hero
I'd love it if you'd weigh in your thoughts about how this effects furry artists or fans, or in a broader sense.  And I'd really really like it if you added to the Uncanny Valley list above.
Current Mood: inquisitive

24th May 2006

3:07pm: Forgot to link this. Why West Coast Pizza Tastes Like Crap.
1:38pm: NullEnigma's Search for Pizza
Welcome to

Today: DIY!

Tried making some pizza from scratch, using a recipe found here, and substituting and altering that which I didn't have the time/ingredients for.

Hand kneaded dough rolled out.

Brushed on some olive oil.

Prego spaghetti sauce, the weakest part

Mozzarella cheese.

Pies one and two!

It was really good actually, still with plenty of room for improvement. At least I got the crust right, which is more than I can say for any of the restaurants here.



Current Mood: hungry

22nd May 2006

6:19pm: FUCK NO.


While I'm posting pictures, I might as well include this one from E3

One last late E3 observation... we were given Bawls mints as a free sample when we arrived the first day


Which meant we had to stand in line for 5 hours with bawls in our mouths just so we could get to play with the Wii.

E3 is pretty gay.

Current Mood: lol

19th May 2006


Heineken Light tastes exactly how wet shoes smell.

Current Mood: digusted

12th May 2006

9:39pm: E3's over, and I had a really good time with my friends. I won't bother writing reviews of stuff, because online review sites crank those things out of their collective anus pretty quickly. I WILL offer this observation to anyone who enjoys those reviews... those reporters are rude cynical fucks. Sure they play the game, but they look down upon the gamer. Two things happened to me, when I was in the Wii line. First some dot-com-douche flashes his media badge, prempting people (like me) who waited 2 hours in line outside the Wii booth and another 40 mins waiting for the actual game line (in this case, Metroid Prime 3) After this turd inserted himself to the front of the line, he spastically fumbled with the Wii remote and nunchuck, barely able to turn and jump, leaving only after he got his fill of fumbling around. These are the detached suckpuses that will go on to write about how WONDERFUL the game was, DETAILING their EXPLOITS in DRAMATIC FIRST PERSON NARATIVE.

While I was mulling all this over, two photographers carrying a ladder shoved me out of the line to set up for an 'over the crowd' shot. An "excuse me" would have been nice.

11th May 2006

Today will probably be the best day at E3, simply because I got to (briefly) meet Adam West.

I don't remember EVERYTHING in the short conversation I had with him, but it here is paraphrased what I remember.

Adam: "Why its my old friend (looks at my E3 badge) Chris! Where are you from again?"
Me: "Oregon, Bend Oregon."
Adam: "You looked like an Oregoner. How many swans are in Bend lake?"
Me: "Actually its a river, the Deschutes river"
Adam "So they moved from the lake."
Me: ... (I have no idea what to say at this point, at the verge of laughing like mad, I probably mumbled something unintelligable)
Adam: "Have a good time back in Bend."
Me: "I'll try not to get pecked to death by swans."

Current Mood: Adaaaam Weeeeest

9th May 2006

7:08pm: One sentance resturant review. GPKNOW SEZ CPK NEVER.

Seriously, what's wrong with west coast pizza? I thought it might have just been the places I've tried, but they ALWAYS make shitty pizza. This is the main thing I miss about the east coast.
1:51am: I'll be at the E3 Expo in LA until saturday, a trip I don't deserve especially with the outstanding bad karma regarding some very late comissions... (sorry Kupok!)

I made a new contact email addresses since the spam on the older ones made them unusable. Contact me at from now on.

6th March 2006

6:46pm: I have finally found my lost Acer TabletPC stylus, I can stop using this old Toshiba one!

Sketch folder updated as a result.
Current Mood: happy

4th January 2006


The last thing I needed was another cool game to play, oh well!
Current Mood: Eve Online

31st December 2005

9:32am: If you understand this you get a cookie.

24th December 2005


14th December 2005

11:37pm: Going to visit my family in Pennsylvania for two weeks.

Bringing these DS games with me for the trip, hope to play some of you online!

9th December 2005

9:53pm: Nultopia's Flag! Rejoice Comrades!

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7th December 2005



PS. Animal Crossing DS is awesome. :3
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